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Anyone willing to build me a map?: 10/25/2013 20:04:48

Level 26
I'd love to build a local map of my home to to play on. but i have little to no time, and on top of that.. No illustrating skills whats so ever. But if anyone is interested in making a map I could give a pic with layout ideas etc...
Anyone willing to build me a map?: 10/26/2013 07:29:34

Lord Syvedyas
Level 57
I doubt very much that there will be any positive response with the information you have given so far.
When building a map, most mapbuilders have some sort of goal or idea with that map.
With your home as a basis we have till now, no idea whatsoever if it would be a big map, a small map, what kind of things could be included and and and.

If you truly want such a map created, make it interesting for those who put hours of hours of work into it.
Posts 1 - 2 of 2