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Uservoice: new tournament feature suggestions: 5/30/2016 09:40:09

Dr. Walter Ego
Level 57
1. best of X tournaments
Instead of only 1 game deciding who advance to the next round, would be good if the organizer can choose a best of X games setting (for example with a best of 5 settings, the player will advance to the next round who will earn his third victory against his opponent (so the results can be: 3-0, 3-1, 3-2).

2. seeded tournaments
The tournament organizer could choose the seeded (1-2, 1-4, 1-8, 1-16 etc.) players.
The tournament draw could be made still randomly, but based on the seeds just like in tennis Grand Slam.
The Grand Slam Drawing Procedure:
In general, at the Grand Slam tournaments players are entered in the draw sheet based on their current standing on the ATP rank list. There are 128 players in the Grand Slams: 32 seeded players and 96 unseeded players. The first seed is placed on line 1, while the second seed is placed on line 128 at the very bottom of the draw sheet. This ensures that the two best players cannot meet before the finals. Thereafter, 3rd and 4th seeded player are hand-drawn from the cup: the first drawn is placed on the line 33 and the second drawn is placed on the line 96 in the draw-sheet. This way the best four players cannot meet each other before semi-finals. The names of 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th seeded players are then placed into the cup and hand-drawn to fill places on lines 32, 64, 65, and 97 in the draw. Similarly, 4 more groups of seeded players are drawn and placed on their predetermined line in the draw-sheet. Any seeded player has 50% of the chance to be drawn in first seeded player’s half of the draw, and corresponding 50% to be drawn in part with second seeded player.
For unseeded players the computer programme randomly selects the names to fill in 96 remaining vacant places.
For details concerning the draws see p. 25 of the Grand Slam Rulebook 2011 http://beta.itftennis.com/media/64108/64108.pdf

3. using BYES in the tournaments
Organizer could be set byes.
For example for the seeded players in the first round.
Or if not enough joined players, but he would like to start the tourney.

4. Swiss-system tournaments
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