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Tips to win. Strategy to win: 5/26/2016 06:34:14

Level 20
I need tips on strategy. I can never win the insane level, and I can never seem to win a game in the multiplayer area. The one game that I won was given to me. I actually lost that game too. In Risk strategy was to build up borders and advance. I don't see this strategy in warlight at all. it more build up income. Is a bonus just the 3, 4, 5, 7 that you get if you control the colored area's of each region. Is a bonus the same as income? Or do the bonuses add up to income. How on earth does anyone beat the insane level? Your getting attacked by three players at the same time. Help Please
Tips to win. Strategy to win: 5/26/2016 07:41:27

Wally Balls 
Level 59
Income is the total of all your bonuses.

Yes it's different from normal risk, new players often struggle in very similar ways, so I'll presume you play like most do.

When you first 'meet' somebody, make first contact, you can't just let them win or run away, usually. You have to defend strong and protect the bonus they are threatening, ideally you'll be strong enough to win that first battle and take their bonus. The person who wins that first battle is usually the winner of the game.

The first few turns are all about clearing your initial bonuses. Then it's about expanding, getting more bonus and finding your opponent, hopefully before they find you. Then you go to war, while also expanding as much as you can.

Battle itself is complicated and takes a lot of practice. But the main thing about that to remember now is to defend yourself strong. Don't let them take any of your territories if you can help it.
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