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ArcMap SVG doesn't work?: 5/23/2016 20:28:48

Level 20

I am trying to upload a test map I threw together using ArcMap, but the site says that the unit of measurement aren't in pixels, but something unknown.
Arc uses spatial reference datums for map creation, so I get the issue, but it's the best creation method for me.

Is there any way to get Arc to measure in pixels?
I found nothing anywhere through Google.

ArcMap SVG doesn't work?: 5/23/2016 20:40:36

Level 53
use inkscap sily
ArcMap SVG doesn't work?: 5/23/2016 20:46:49

Level 57
Actually agreeing with the Waco for once...
Use inkscape. This will help you

ArcMap SVG doesn't work?: 5/23/2016 21:05:13

Level 60

Warzone Creator
I'm not familiar with ArcMap but there's probably a setting somewhere defining how it's outputting measurements. I would suggest opening the SVG in notepad to see what you're dealing with. Unit measurements should be in pixels, not ems, points, percents, or anything like that.
ArcMap SVG doesn't work?: 5/23/2016 21:35:27

Level 20
I know how to use Inkscape, I just don't like it.
You can't create custom polygons point-by-point, vertex snapping doesn't work, and the whole thing is sloppy and imprecise.
I don't want to make my maps with it.

I typically draw polygons one point at a time, tracing an image very accurately.
Then, I can perfectly align the boundaries of each polygon so there's no overlap.
I've been making maps as a job for years, and I like being effective and efficient.

There is a way to change units, but pixels aren't an option.
I even made my own custom datum, but the unit is saved as "<Unknown Unit>", and the uploader looks for "Pixel".

Oh well.

I got it to work.
I can open my ArcGIS SVG in Inkscape, apply the Id's, and change the document unit to PX.
Then, I can upload to Warlight without issue.
Here's the test map, in case you guys want to see how it came out.
Looks nice and clean. :D


Edited 5/23/2016 22:02:17
ArcMap SVG doesn't work?: 5/23/2016 23:01:57

Level 55
I guess you can make svg-files with ArcMap? - if so you can load those files in inkscape and probably convert the measurement to pixels.

EDIT: I opened the thread more than 2h ago, so my answer was a bit too late, you already had the same idea.^^

Edited 5/23/2016 23:07:08
ArcMap SVG doesn't work?: 5/23/2016 23:36:00

Level 20
Still Ranek, thanks for the tip.
It took me a bit of solid thought to think to try it.
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