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Unable to create game - Maps won't load: 5/18/2016 15:41:02

Richard Sharpe 
Level 59
Is anyone else encountering an issue where they are unable to create games on new maps? The first stages of game creation work without issue but as soon as I go to the Maps tab to choose a new map the page just stalls. I popup saying "Getting Maps" comes up but never goes anywhere and the tabs on the page are no longer navigable.

So basically, I can only create games using pre-existing templates.

This is browser independent (used latest versions of IE, Chrome and Firefox; behavior was identical) and should not be related to network speeds (94 down, 35 up according to Ookla). In all cases, I gave up after waiting 2-3 minutes with no sign of progress (I just tested again on Firefox and it was 'thinking' for 15 minutes with no apparent change)

Already submitted as a bug report as well

Edited 5/18/2016 15:47:20
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