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Zombie Scenario Idea: 5/16/2016 19:23:53

Level 38
I've been thinking to make a zombie scenario game.But it's not gonna be interesting.So I've had this idea:

There can be a 'technology tree' for the zombies,which will contain bonuses.In order to get them the zombie player must of course take these 'territories'.They will be neutral lands but they will have armies to make it hard for the player to get it.
Maybe humans can have a tech tree too.

Some other features:
Maybe there should be multiple players vs. zombie player.
Cards of course.

But here's a problem:
1)Zombies will get more incomes by getting territories.But I have an idea,every territory/bonus should have another territory inside which will be a small box with its incomes.So in this case there should be a rule that zombie player cant take this bonus,but human player can.

If you have got an idea to improve this scenario,comment it down below,or if you know another problem.
And by technology tree I meant a tech tree that comes with a map.I've never designed a map before.I've just posted this for a mapper that doesn't have an idea and to create a new gamemode.

You may also find this scenario stupid,if so tell my why.
Zombie Scenario Idea: 5/16/2016 19:49:31

Level 58
Talk to G, when I was in G Spot he ran zombie games all the time.

Zombie Scenario Idea: 5/16/2016 20:29:33

[NL] Sander
Level 59
I think you search for such a thing as the White Walkers are on A Song of Westeros and the Free Cities (https://www.warlight.net/Play?PreviewMap=39905), I wouldn't know another map this is used on atm, but I think this one comes the closest. (it's only 3 territories on this map, but you also have the ships with double bonusses).
Zombie Scenario Idea: 5/19/2016 17:34:25

Level 7
Reminds me of a map I have seen:
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