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Odd Matches: 5/15/2016 20:29:07

Level 46
I like to post rather odd matches periodically just to watch how people play them out, and would like to note that I am starting to do it again, in case anyone remembers when I used to do it.. and if anyone has any interesting odd templates that they think I might be interested, I would appreciate if they would post them.
Thank you for your time.
Odd Matches: 5/16/2016 21:52:00

Lionel Hutz
Level 53
Hello. This could be interesting, but perhaps you should have created the thread with the first example, to get the ball rolling, so to speak.
Odd Matches: 5/17/2016 01:33:42

a wandering echo
Level 37
or games between odd people?
Odd Matches: 5/17/2016 02:33:03

Level 59
Odd Matches: 5/17/2016 03:04:47

Level 57
Man that's gonna totally screw over people. That would be an interesting template to add to something like CL
Odd Matches: 5/17/2016 03:06:39

name is anonym
Level 4
not strategic enough
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