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Push notifications in iOS on an iPhone 6: 5/14/2016 21:57:52

Level 56
First up - are push notifications possible on an iPhone?

I've just recently switched from Android to iPhone (reluctantly - don't ask) and I lived by the push notifications on Android.

So far, no matter what I do, I can't get the iOS version to tell me when it's my turn, which leaves me with checking Warlight every 5 minutes throughout the day. Not very productive as I'm sure you can imagine.

Warlight doesn't show up in my "Notifications" section in settings. Should it?

Any help would be appreciated. It's almost got to the point where I'm considering carrying an Android phone around with my JUST for warlight.

Push notifications in iOS on an iPhone 6: 5/14/2016 22:35:30

Level 63
There are push notifications and they do work :)

In the Warlight App go to Settings and scroll down to Push Notifications. Activate them there (or deactivate & reactivate them if they're already set). The app will then ask if it can send notifications and it will appear in Notifications

Edited 5/14/2016 22:36:07
Push notifications in iOS on an iPhone 6: 5/15/2016 17:41:43

Level 62
You can also change notifications in Settings > WarLight > Notifications.
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