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Investing for newbies.( Brokers services , ): 5/9/2016 17:58:36

The Forbidden Koala
Level 56
Before i was playing Warlight i wanted to find game where analising is the key to win( or help to achieve it), now its time that im getting a longer break, propably going into something that could give me some dollars , i dont expect much but its good to get some.Since im going into university of technology soon(google translated).
So going back to the point , i was chcecking few demo accounts of Brokers firms, and i think im capable of doing that.ALso ive got some experience from books(just very basic knowledge)
Which one for you is best Broker site? Ive got like 35$(100 PLN) to spend.
Ive checked best broker sites , but i prefer to know it from real pepole.
Thanks in advance , my english is not perfect and im aware of that.
Cheers. Aguli

inb4 I pesonnally liked Trading 212 app but minimal entry cost is way to high for me

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Investing for newbies.( Brokers services , ): 5/9/2016 18:18:01

Karl The Kike Killing /k/ommando
Level 21
Investing for newbies.( Brokers services , ): 5/9/2016 18:51:38

Level 60
The app Robinhood has $0 trading fees. But I would strongly recommend index funds over individual stocks for investing.
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