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Did I surrender too early?: 5/8/2016 05:08:11

Level 57

I somehow feel like I did, but on the other hand he had multiple large stacks. I also didn't finish Greenland ever, which kinda bit me in the ass I feel.

Also yes I know my picks were filthy trash, especially Indonesia, but I didn't think it through well at all.

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Did I surrender too early?: 5/8/2016 05:28:05

Level 54
I agree Indonesia was a bad pick. You could have eliminated orange from Europe on turn 2. There was only one first round bonus and so he wasn't going to have a bonus at that point. What I noticed was that you were trying to expand in a lot of different places when you should have been working on one bonus at a time while looking for your opponent.

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Did I surrender too early?: 5/8/2016 05:30:18

Level 59
I think you surrendered too early, yes. He had more income and units bordering your territories, but you definitively had a strong positional advantage. Most of your income was relatively safe as long as you held Japan. With Japan, you also had the opportunity to break East Russia for a second time. Grabbing Georgia screams "Victory!" here. A strategy here is to let your opponent get scared by Iran, defend Japan, break East Russia and move into Xinjang (West China) to attack Central Russia. Expanding in Greenland was also an option in the long term.

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Did I surrender too early?: 5/8/2016 07:28:12

Level 61
If you were in CORP,,you wouldn't have surrendered.
Did I surrender too early?: 5/8/2016 09:54:00

Solitarius Sempiternus
Level 58
Yeah your opponent played bad you could have turned the tide given time and effort but that is quite the demand ;)
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