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Map Making Tool - For Fast IDs and Naming: 5/7/2016 20:31:31

҈ TeeMee123 ҈
Level 52
Warlight Map Making tool for Quickly and Easily Setting Territory IDs and Generating Fictional Territory Names and Bonus Names/IDs

Other information:

zipped exe (application) download link: https://mega.nz/#!x15yAI5Z!cEK2yF5WZedLhQA_v8-GAVirmOCP8I95gNLDAwQSHS4
VB.net source code link: http://pastebin.com/gVK1Su15
If you still don't trust the download, you could run a scan on it with some anti-virus software or something.

Hardware/Software Requirements:
Only runs on Windows (as .exe file).
Probably needs a gigabyte of ram or something, nothing to worry about.
Takes up a few kilobytes of memory.

1) Makes random fictional territory/bonus names of a length you can set.
2) The above but adds "BonusLink_" on the front.
3) Generates a unique ID for territories, including the "Territory_" bit.

For all outputs, you click the red bar and it will make the phrase and select it for you so you just do one click + ctrl+c overall.

There is also a log for past outputs.

Edited 5/7/2016 21:11:21
Map Making Tool - For Fast IDs and Naming: 5/12/2016 01:52:39

Level 57
Now I can stop stalling creation on one of my maps, thanks!
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