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Portfolio vote passes: 5/5/2016 17:30:06

Level 60
Illuminati's shareholders passed a groundbreaking vote on how the clan's investments will be made. The proposed portfolio, unanimously approved by all shareholders, is as follows:

1v1 ladder: $15 invested in each of the top 10; $16.67 invested in riskier stock
2v2 ladder: $15 invested in each of the top 10; $16.67 invested in riskier stock
3v3 ladder: $15 invested in each of the top 10; $16.67 invested in riskier stock
RT ladder: $45 invested in each of the top 10; $50 invested in riskier stock

By ladder:

1v1 ladder: 16.6%: $166.67
2v2 ladder: 16.6%: $166.67
3v3 ladder: 16.6%: $166.67
RT ladder: 50%: 500$

We have bought the following amounts of shares in the following stock:

Share Name + Share Amount
Buns157 1v1 0.006496318753
alhazi 1v1 0.006799637353
Tyrion Lannister 1v1 0.006852444038
Peixoto 1v1 0.006909258406
ZeroBlindDragon 1v1 0.007062146893
ACL Tears 1v1 0.007105637139
Braak 1v1 0.007190795781
Jake8 1v1 0.007190795781
Dom365 1v1 0.007204610951
Mifran 1v1 0.007263922518
Ruil and Mohikanin 2v2 0.006596306069
Math Wolf and Yeon 2v2 0.006871278058
TeamGuns and Leviathan 2v2 0.007112375533
Green Turtle and Motoki 2v2 0.007256894049
BraaK and JV 2v2 0.007396449704
Nackickwind and Buns157 2v2 0.007400098668
Tulan and rakleader 2v2 0.007436787308
le Marseillais and sebb 2v2 0.007444168734
Jorgst and e2718 2v2 0.007614213198
Master Turtle and Turkish 2v2 0.007696254489
szeweningen, [WM] Gnuffone, and Marquis de Vauban 3v3 0.007183908046
Beren • apex, Holdway, and Peixoto 3v3 0.007396449704
El Diablo, Dom365, and Matt431 3v3 0.007974481659
Hennns, ACL Tears, and JT 3v3 0.008314855876
Jo, iNsAnE, and bahmen 3v3 0.008393956351
lawm, Samantha, and biggreen15 3v3 0.008746355685
lronEyes, Gormination, and DottZero 3v3 0.008965929468
GeorgIstSchlecht, Wedda, and Geisehannes 3v3 0.009030704395
[GER]Warlord, skandalo, and Cornelius Sulla 3v3 0.009191176471
Farah♦, Gustave II, and Super Smoove 3v3 0.009451795841
Buns57 RT 0.02169720347
Master Potato RT 0.02293577982
13Chris RT 0.02341311134
Sugoi RT 0.02344971339
Sultan RT 0.02362204724
Dunk RT 0.02362204724
Turkish RT 0.02397442728
Bbraw RT 0.02457673403
Panagiotis RT 0.02460360853
rakleader RT 0.02461706783
Orang Mutan 1v1 0.008801478353
Odin and Little X 2v2 0.009199779249
[GeZyS] sajdon, DanWL, and Su┼étan Kosmitów 3v3 0.01086049544
Vanquish RT 0.04401408451

Individual investors have chosen so far to invest purely in the Illuminati clan, as its value will rise as it adds new members, and shareholders must have stock in the clan in order to vote on clan decisions. However, once investors branch out into individual stock, the shareholders of specific stock can call votes on their company to decide various courses of action. If you do not have an alt in Illuminati, you have no representation and thus no defense against shareholder mischief.

Dividends will be paid Sunday mornings, US East Coast. Dividends for stock will be 0.1% of the stock's value per week.

Best regards,

Forbidden Knowledge


Edited 5/5/2016 17:44:00
Portfolio vote passes: 5/5/2016 18:10:15

Okabe Rintarou ( AKA Hououin Kyouma)
Level 56
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Portfolio vote passes: 5/5/2016 19:04:34

Level 6
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