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Congrats to Zevr (RT ladder): 5/3/2016 18:09:48

Level 61
Zevr has been grinding out games near the bottom of the ladder for weeks, but over the past week he surged 89 points.

It started out with an undeserved win by boot against a top 10 player. But once a Zevr starts moving it's hard to stop the momentum. He picked up some steam with a legit win against a top 20, and then the breaks went out! Yesterday he won a 16 turn commander battle against a top 5 who was last week's WGL champion.

Keep on chugging up the track!

Edited 5/4/2016 01:26:12
Congrats to Zevr (RT ladder): 5/3/2016 18:14:39

Clint Eastwood
Level 59
*claps legitimately*
Congrats to Zevr (RT ladder): 5/3/2016 18:32:20

Level 52
Yeah when you get stuck with a low deviation at the bottom it's easy to give up so it's good to see someone persist and improve. Top 10 slowly but surely ;)
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