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Template tester needed!: 5/2/2016 16:20:53

Level 58
Khajiit has designed something new. Not a 1v1. Not a team fight. Not a FFA, even: words fail to describe this masterpiece. This one needs another player to help test it.

Must be willing to play to the end. Must be willing to do so without knowing exactly what's going on. It will not make sense until roughly turn 2. Then it will be hilarious. Must not make any posts or mentions of this template until it is finished.

Contact Khajiit if interested. You will be trailblazing something never seen before. 😎
Template tester needed!: 5/2/2016 16:25:36

Level 59
I don't have his profile so I can't really mail him hehehe, but I'd like to test it out. I hope it's really that good, I hate to have my expectations broken :'(
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