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Big Napoleon Europe Help!: 10/19/2013 14:47:26

Level 57
After my first public Map, Napoleonic Empire 1812. I decided to carry on and make a massive map of all Europe and North Africa, on Napeleonic Period (Late 18th century, early 19th century) However I'm finding it extremely hard to find maps. At the moment I have France, Britain, Spain/Portugal, Nethlands, Belguim, Denmark, Switzerland. Also Duchy of Holstein and Swedish Pomerania; part of the Holy Roman Empire. I am not a history expert on it, however I have a lot of interest in this time period.

I have some confusion on Holy Roman Empire though, as my time period really mucks it up. At the start of the Napoleon Empire, Germany is ran by the Holy Roman Empire. Until 1806 though when it changes to the confederation of the Rhine. Overall I'm pretty confused on the whole thing. I even have some shit from the revolution and coalitions. Any ideas? Maybe I could show different time periods.


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Big Napoleon Europe Help!: 10/22/2013 10:54:14

Level 55
I tried to make a big Holy Roman Empire but I gave up. It is too chaotic, but I cheer for you.

If you use the Illyrian provinces what Napoleon annexed in 1809 then you should use a later map for the client state of Rhine, like this from 1812:

Would be nice 5 megabonus for this map: Napoleonic Empire, Client States (Confederation of Rhine, Grand Duchy of Warshaw, Helvetic Republic, Kingdom of Italy, Kingdom of Naples, Spain), Allies (Austrian Empire, Prussia, Kingdom of Norway and Denmark), Enemies (Great Britain, Portugal, and later Russia), and Neutrals (Sweden, Ottoman Empire, Kingdom of Sardinia, Kingdom of Sicily).

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Big Napoleon Europe Help!: 10/22/2013 16:43:35

Level 56

This can be an interesting map, but i would include Russia or else it will be just a another Europe map :D. I would also pay more attention to the border drawing, at the moment it's a bit of a mess. U have huge gaps between territories and some of the lines are jagged. There are plenty of tutorials about making smooth lines and even divisions look them up. (i made one for illustrator and i believe i it was Moros that made one for inkscape)

Good luck with your map :)

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Big Napoleon Europe Help!: 10/25/2013 14:28:55

Level 57
Thanks guys. At the moment my border lines are bad, mainly because I got some of it from my previous map and added extra's. But don't worry I haven't even started work on it yet. I'm first trying to draw the whole map, to if this will work at least.

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