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Custom My Games Sorting: 4/21/2016 18:27:48

Level 63

I am currently implementing the possibility of sorting "My Games" by the time left for my Userscript.


Yet I am not sure what the best order is, since there are quite some points to consider.

Currently I am working with the following order:
  • Real-Time Games
  • Games With Unread Chat / Your turn / Ordered by Time left
  • Games with Unread Chat / Not your turn
  • Games you need to join
  • Games you need to start
  • Your turn / Ordered by Time Left
  • The rest / Ordered by time "Waiting for" (ascending)

The struggles I am having are that the actual games, where it is your turn can be pushed down quite a bit if there are some games with unread chat. But unread chat messages shouldn't just be ignored since they can also be important.

Maybe I should prioritize Team-Chat / Private-Messages and ignore Public chat for the sorting?
What do you think?

Thanks! :)

Edited 4/22/2016 12:18:12
Custom My Games Sorting: 4/21/2016 20:04:54

Ginger King
Level 52
I would say that if you are going to create one sort, go by time left, then chat, just due to the fact that you could be booted if you don't take your turn fast enough. But, on the better hand, why not do two filters, one that prioritizes the chat, and the other that prioritizes the time left?
Custom My Games Sorting: 4/21/2016 20:37:07

Beren • apex 
Level 63
Would it be possible to allow us to customize the search order similar to how we can customize the order of the right column?

If not, I'd put "games you need to start" below "games where it's your turn", since chat games all fall into that category for the game creator. Other than that, I like your order, personally.

Edited 4/21/2016 20:37:33
Custom My Games Sorting: 4/22/2016 01:25:54

Level 59
I would put unread chat at the top (after RT games) as they are quick to clear (no brainer) ; then you can focus on your games by order of time left.

Game you need to join if they are RT should be up next to RT games, if they are multi they should go down after unread chat and its your turn games (which as mentioned by Beren should go up anyways).
Custom My Games Sorting: 4/22/2016 10:59:20

Level 62
Will the games in Next Game be in the order of the custom sorting?
Custom My Games Sorting: 4/22/2016 12:13:08

Level 63
I think giving the possibility to completely customize the order might be a bit much, but two different filters seem to be a good option. One filter with prioritized chat message and an other just ignoring the messages.

Yes, the "Next Game" should sooner or later also be adapted.
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