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Champions League: 4/18/2016 22:19:32

chuck norris
Level 58
who do you think will win, what do you think so far, who do you want to win etc?
atletico madrid :D
Champions League: 4/18/2016 22:28:20

Angry Frog
Level 7
Honestly as a Manchester United fan City winning the Champions league, although unlikely would break my heart... But in all honesty I think one of the madrids will win, not sure which.
Champions League: 4/18/2016 22:33:57

Level 56
I'm hoping for Atletico-Real final, but Atletico win this time!
Champions League: 4/18/2016 22:50:14

#The Prussian Job-Oh yeah, baby...
Level 51
Fc Bayern!-But I am fine with Man. C. or Real Madrid, too, if it turns out to be...
Posts 1 - 4 of 4