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Unable to sign out: 4/17/2016 13:27:58

Level 62
I've tried going to the top-right bar > down arrow > Sign Out > Login page > press Sign Out > computer loads for a bit > Still on Login page, not logged out.

Browser: Firefox (up-to-date).
OS: Windows 10 (up-to-date).

Is anyone else getting this issue?

On iPhone 5s on Safari, sign out works normally. Also works fine on Edge and IE 9 on Windows 10.

Before the recent update for Windows 10, sign out worked normally on all browsers.

Mailed Fizzer.
Unable to sign out: 4/17/2016 13:43:13

Level 61
You could try clearing all browsing history including autofill data, passwords and hosted app data? It will sign you out on websites but i use chrome and don't know firefox well.
Unable to sign out: 4/17/2016 14:40:22

Level 60
I use win10 and firefox (latest i think is 45.5?) and i was able to log out.
Unable to sign out: 4/17/2016 16:11:07

Level 58
Dan, you fool. Don't you know we are never supposed to leave!?

Seriously, I have never had this, probably submit it as a bug report.
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