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Publicly viewable single-player saved games: 4/14/2016 00:41:26

Level 56
With the new custom single-player levels feature, is it possible to share links to our saved games? I'm guessing no.

If not, then I think it would be a good feature, so that people can share how they completed a custom level with others (especially with the level's creator, for feedback and potentially 'bug' reporting/fixes). The idea would be that you specifically select a saved-game (which I think is only stored locally on your computer) and 'upload' or 'share' it to your account, so that it gets transferred to the server and then the server provides a shareable link to it, in the same way that multi-player games are saved and shareable. All other saved games simply remain locally stored, unless specifically selected for 'upload' to the server.

It seems to me that it shouldn't be *too* too difficult to implement, as all the features are already there: saving games on the server, providing links to server-based games.

I think it would be cool, and potentially generate a lot more interest in custom single-player levels, especially as it would allow the level creators a lot more feedback from people testing their levels. What do you guys think?
Publicly viewable single-player saved games: 4/14/2016 00:43:13

Level 51
You can share links to finished games. I've been using the "Share on Facebook" feature and extracting the direct link from that.
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