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a new role play idea: 10/16/2013 19:25:26

Level 31
so this is and idea using the land of kaldor map (amazing role play/diplo map) so what it would be where the in the countries (not super bouneses but country)there is the king who starts in the capital and a little outside (maybe the king would have holdings in other places to + the capital would be worth ALOT because the king has a large army) would be and then he would have vassals/lords...basically underlings and the king allows them to keep lands... the vassals also may be made to pay "tax" (a amount of armies per turn) now the underlings have to obey there king or they face being destroyed by all loyal underlings and the king... but if the underlings are mad at the king they can team with other underlings that hate the king and chose one of them to become the next king (the person who controls the capital) (note: it would require pm)also the king is the only one is the only person that can chat in public chat about the countries diplomatic relations... unless there is a civil war happening (aka a uprising by the underlings and only by the rebelling underlings) also before underlings attack they must declare a civil war... it is standered diplo rules (+ what ever some one that is making it wants to add) now a note you may want to add is that if you are king you do want to keep any underlings if only to get the +5 armies (or what ever is decided) as there base deploy... for cards airlift (only for taxes) blockade (but VERY limited... it would be for to stop enemy's "at bridges and such" and anything else you want

also this would work best with 24-40players

thanks if i think of any thing more i will post IN A SECOND POST that is so it would bump the form so people know when there is something new

just so you know this took close to a hour to make

Edited 10/16/2013 19:45:04
a new role play idea: 10/16/2013 21:35:35

Level 60
I don't understand what you are asking here. Are you asking for ideas? Are you asking for someone to make a custom scenario for this?

Either way, I would talk to Discord, he has done some similar types of scenarios. Also, either way you should post a link to a map when you are referencing it so people know what you are talking about.

It sounds interesting though, but I have no time to help.
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