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Single Player Insane Challenge: 4/12/2016 00:57:11

Alexander The Grape
Level 38
This is for interested folks who have never defeated Single Player Insane Challenge.

On YouTube, the videos I found most helpful are by Dan WL. Search in YouTube for: "warlight insane challenge walkthrough Daniel Church."

If you use the following strategy (similar to that of Dan), you should be able to defeat Insane Challenge in approximately 30-40 turns. Many people do a lot better than that, but for those of us who once thought Insane Challenge was impossible, 30-40 is a step in the right direction.

During Turn 4, take East Africa and Caucasus.

During Turn 5, take West US.

During Turn 6, take East US, North Africa, and East China.

During Turn 7, take Middle East, Central Russia, and West China. Also, make sure you take St. Petersburg during this turn, so you can move into Scandanavia N with about 30 armies over the next two turns.

During Turn 8, take Canada, South Africa, and West Russia. Hold South Africa N or Svalbard S with 30 armies or more, so you can put an emergency blockade on one of those two spots during Turn 15.

During Turn 9, take Brazil N from Nigeria N. Take Anadyr N from Alaska N. By the end of Turn 9, you should be receiving 73 armies income per turn.

During Turn 10, put down an emergency blockade on Anadyr N (35 armies x 5 = 175).

During Turn 15, put down an emergency blockade on Svalbard S or South Africa N.

During the next few turns, try to get down through Argentina N, into Canada S, and then take away the West US S and East US S bonuses from the AI. Take control of Europe N and Scandanavia N over the next few turns, and try to move into South Africa S, and Australia N. If you can't put enough troops together for an strong attack in one of these places, don't attack -- wait for another turn. Depending upon how many troops the AI has, during turns 10-20 you often want to attack with a stack of about 30 or so. It's better to wait, than to lose all your armies by attacking with a weak stack.

Use "statistics" "graphs" "Armies actually deployed" to see which AI is strongest. Target that AI's bonuses whenever you can.

Once behind enemy lines, move around. Never attack an enemy's large stack head on. You've got to move up Africa S, and down through Australia N to get into Asia S, as quickly as you can. The game is going to end in Asia S or Australia S, so if you want to get there by Turn 40, you've got to be on your way into those areas by Turn 30.

Please suggest alternate strategies or improvements to this one. Thanks and enjoy!
Single Player Insane Challenge: 4/12/2016 11:33:53

Level 62
You found me on YT :)
Single Player Insane Challenge: 4/12/2016 12:37:47

Alexander The Grape
Level 38
Never defeated Insane until after watching you, DanWL! Thanks!
Single Player Insane Challenge: 4/12/2016 12:40:43

♆♆♆ RedBloodyKiller ♆♆♆
Level 59
its not who defeated him it's dan so you just copy him =)
Single Player Insane Challenge: 4/13/2016 05:33:39

Level 56
I've completed the crazy challenge in 15 turns lol
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