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Map Testers and Bonus Help: 4/10/2016 17:41:17

General Amoora
Level 44
So I've made this fictional map and Finished up territories, all that is remaining to do is name territories which should be done quite fast and to make sure that the bonuses are balanced and done. Here is the map:


As you can see all bonus links are set to 1, that is because I am still deciding on the system by which I will set them. Currently I am planning to do this:

Number of Territories in bonus -1

So lets say there are six territories in a bonus, the bonus would be then worth 5 thus far but this is pretty normal, the tough part is this:

As a whole if the bonus borders 1 to 4 territories it would get a +0 to its bonus, if 5 to 7 it would get a +1 due to ease of protection, if 8 to 9 it would get +2 due to relative ease of protection and relatively large area to expand in, if 10 to 12 it would get a -1 due to difficulty to protect and if it borders 13+ it would get a -2 for the same reason.

The issue is I am a terrible strategy player and therefore I don't really know whether a bonus bordering over 13 territories is good or bad and whether bordering 5 to 7 is good, so I'd like to ask for your help in how the system might be best suited to make a very balanced map.

Now on to my final points, it'd be great if anyone would like to test and feel free to suggest any territory names.
Map Testers and Bonus Help: 4/11/2016 01:57:33

҈ TeeMee123 ҈
Level 52
its dangerous to go alone, take this! https://www.warlight.net/Forum/134375-someone-make-bonus-algorithm-plox

p.s i always go for territories / 2 rounded up.
also your map looks great!

Edited 4/11/2016 01:59:13
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