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I like Naruto: 4/3/2016 23:43:32

Melisandre (the Red Woman)
Level 5
Some might consider it bad, but I think its pretty cool.

I like it.

Edited 4/3/2016 23:43:49
I like Naruto: 4/3/2016 23:48:13

Angry Frog
Level 7
I like Naruto: 4/3/2016 23:51:08

Darth Darth Binks
Level 56
It's a good anime. Just don't watch it after episode 140~something. That is what is known as "the Year of Filler Arcs."

Naruto Shippuden quickly loses the comedic feel that the original series possessed and takes on a more sinister, serious tone. Unfortunately it didn't do as good as other series that went that route.
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