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feedback on my lord of the rings map: 4/1/2016 20:12:34

Level 44
Hi, I create this topic to get some feedbacks on my lord of the rings map.


I recently added some changes :
-> Focus on cities of importance : Isengard and Helm's Deep are cut in two and give 2 armies, Minas Tirith and Barad-Dur are cut in two and give 3 armies. These cities have a new design (tree of gondor for minas tirith, sauron's eye for barad-dur ..)
-> Focus on the Minas Tirith Battle : Pelennor Fields and Emyn Armen are cut in two for more strategic battle. Corsairs of Umbar can now attack Pelennor Fields by the sea. They can also attack a new Gondor port : Pelargir.
-> Some paths through the mountains are more difficult to cross : New territory next to Mount Dolmed, Moria Mines have now 3 territories (and give 2 armies), two new territories next paths of the Dead
-> South Mirkwood is cut in two as it was a large territory.
-> Bonus modifications :
- due to new territories :
Rohan : 8->10
Gondor : 10->12
Dark Mirkwood : 1->2
Ithilien : 2->3
- Other reasons :
Rhun : 3->4
Arnor : 9->8
Lord of the Seas : 1->0

It will really help me if you tell me how the map could be improved.
Thanks for your comments and suggestions.

(All my maps :










Edited 4/2/2016 11:58:02
feedback on my lord of the rings map: 4/1/2016 20:31:40

Angry Koala
Level 57
Salut Saruman! Long time no see, I thought you retired :)
I will check the changes later (no time currently) and tell you what is my opinion on it.
feedback on my lord of the rings map: 4/2/2016 12:37:17

Level 44
I thought about add some rivers (Anduin, Isen ...) and bridges. Good idea ?
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