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Chrome OS Compatibility?: 4/1/2016 17:20:59

[AOE]Orthrus Echo Five
Level 53
Hello, my name is Orthrus, and I've got a good idea for a map I want to create. Sadly, I have a Chromebook, so I'm very limited on what I can do. I was wondering if there are any map making programs that are compatible with Chrome OS. If so, please let me know, and I'm eager to hear what to do. If not, then that's fine too. Thanks!

Chrome OS Compatibility?: 4/1/2016 18:13:58

Level 60

Warzone Creator
You can use virtually any SVG editor, which is a widely supported format. I suggest simply Googling for an SVG editor and find one you like.
Chrome OS Compatibility?: 4/1/2016 18:24:53

[AOE]Orthrus Echo Five
Level 53
Thank you!
Chrome OS Compatibility?: 4/1/2016 18:40:22

Level 53
This editor seems to actually be pretty nice, it looks to be based off of inkscape, but really boiled down:


It actually works alright, and I could see making a map in it if you didn't have access to full inkscape.
Chrome OS Compatibility?: 4/2/2016 05:13:42

Level 57
Hey, you can also go linux and get a linux version of an SVG editor, if you don't like what you find in the chromestore
https://github.com/dnschneid/crouton --how you can get linux, scroll down btw.
Chrome OS Compatibility?: 4/3/2016 19:40:24

[FCC] Zack105
Level 49
If you're a student, then chances are that 2/3 of those options won't work....
I doubt they'd let you download apps, and "going linux" would also be blocked/have consequences. The best way(or so I've found) is to use one of these two websites.

One is:
This website's amazing. It has a GREAT replica of inkscape, and is purely online. All you need is wifi. You do need a google drive account to save your files, though, and it can become a bit laggy.

The other option is:

I mostly use this- for the most part, because I didn't know about the other website. It works fine- however, you'll need to work it out by yourself(or ask me for help). The reason is that it's not like Inkscape, so you have to vary how you make maps a bit. I've worked out all problems I've had without an issue, so it should be fine!
(Here's a map I made with this website:
Just to show that even thought it's different than Inkscape, it still works fine!

Hope this helped you!
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