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The Matrian rants: #BatmanvSuperman: 3/26/2016 22:28:09

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A+ movie, scratch that. A+ film.

This wonderus work of willpower embodies everything these egomaniac "marvel movies" dont have. The fantastic script written and directed by the WORLD FAMOUS Zach Snyder not only enhances the material, but also elevates the actors' performances beyond anything theyve ever dreamed of.

The pacing is incredible. No other film is able to transition between a half dozen threads as expertly as whats on display here, and if youre looking for that patented Zack Snyder symbolism then look no further. I mean, what other film can majorly change the outcome of a third act based on the coincidence that two characters have relatives that share a first name? Zack Snyder's brilliant direction abrades through these characters excellent motivated characteristics to make them change completly. What other writer can be so powerful as to do this?

If i had a complaint, its that the film is an odd number of minutes long, i hate that. Make it even. But since its our lord and savior, Zach Snyder, i can forgive anything.

I cant wait to see what he does with the foutainhead.

Tl;dr /S

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The Matrian rants: #BatmanvSuperman: 3/26/2016 22:47:19

Darth Darth Binks
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So many lines have been crossed.
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