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tournament options > save as default: 5/11/2011 01:04:02

Level 58
Can you add a 'save as default' box to the tournaments options tab like there is on the my games tab? I realise this is a minor issue but I have to change the options every time I go on there, and it shouldn't be too much trouble because it isn't an entirely new feature. Thank you.
tournament options > save as default: 5/11/2011 01:33:54

Level 44
Personally, I want the checklist implemented for the filter for my games and my tournaments.. cause I dislike *all* of the my tournament settings..
tournament options > save as default: 5/11/2011 05:51:02

Level 36
I actually wish there was a drag and drop option for the My Games list and Tournament List. That way, I can order the games exactly how I want and I can switch it up easily. Just because there are some tournaments i'd like to keep an eye on, but i'm not in them so they get lost. Also, there are other items in which I'd like to see them at the bottom.
Posts 1 - 3 of 3