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Julkorn/Orincoflows defeated Ruthless/Duke: 5/8/2011 16:02:35

NuckLuck (Retired) 
Level 30
No bonuses taken untill turn 11 :o
Looked like a really intense game right through to the finish.
Julkorn/Orincoflows defeated Ruthless/Duke: 5/8/2011 18:04:10

Level 36
yeah, it was *really* unexpected to see blue start in E russia. That was definitely not expected.

Turn 11 was a very lucky take and if he didn't make the 3v2 and 6v4 takes...I would have broken that bonus and then I would have out expanded purp. But after that, it was a going to be a hard grind and I think Duke and I just forgot about the game in the weekend.
Julkorn/Orincoflows defeated Ruthless/Duke: 5/16/2011 17:08:39

Level 5
They played well. We were behind. I hated making moves in that one and was waiting for R to make his before I made mine -- I waited too long...
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