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Battle of Three Worlds - the complete guide (II): 3/20/2016 12:51:44

Level 55
This is the continuation of this thread:

Slot M - Vietnam
Fairly weak, but surrounded by enemies that also have troubles. Choose it if you can make a good use of a small force.

Suggested strategy: in contrary to you, India is well prepared for war. Build up solid defences and try to steal some income from Indonesia. Then you can attempt to attack India (that hopefully will have to deal with both you and China).

Slot N - Egypt
I'm not going to lie. This - together with Kenya - is the worst place for a communist. If you manage to hold your borders in one piece for more than 3 turns, your gameplay will count as brilliant. Meant for desperados that are not afraid of quick yet painful death.

Suggested strategy (yes, there is one!): at least two Theocrats will throw everything at you from the first turn. Step one: accept the fact that you'll lose this fight. Step two: protect the capital. Step three: beg Brazil to enter Africa as fast as he can.
For an alternative strategy, see slot P.

Slot O - Kazakhstan
You and Iran. The heart of the Commie-Theo conflict. It's a kind of one-on-one game in the middle of team game. This country has a slight advantage over its southern enemy. Choose it if you are good at the "guess which territory will be attacked next" game.

Suggested strategy: Anticipate your opponent's moves and prepare one fatal blow. Once you'll break into his lands, you'll get the upper hand.

Slot P - Kenya
The reason why I made the communist countries in Africa so weak, is to balance the advantageous position of Team B in other parts of the map. In other words: N and P are nothing but cannon fodder (sorry!).

Suggested strategy: Having said that (and assuming that you're still reading this, instead of changing slots), this slot is a great place for coming up with some crazy and unorthodox tactics. Protecting only the capital, asking one of your teammates to gift you a safe land to start over is not a bad idea. Remember, even if your country is falling apart, you can still help your teammates by slowing down your opponents. Don't surrender!

Gameplay example (player: Ambasador) https://www.warlight.net/Forum/142801-battle-three-worlds-complete-guide- although this game was lost for team B, it shows how big impact this failed country can have, when converted into a sheer destructive force, with hardly no defense (the diplo cards of Kongo and Arabia helped a lot though).


Slot Q - Saudi Arabia
Arguably, the best slot in the game! Safe enough to concentrate on attacking and giving much space to expand. Pick it if you are good enough to become the strongest player in the game in less than 10 turns!

Suggested strategy: Your two communist neighbours are no match against the mighty Saudis - you'll deal with them in no time. But in order to take control over Africa, you'll have to face two strong demoratic countries in the south, as well as communist Brazil in the west, hungry for revenge. Morocco is your most important ally.

Slot R - Iran
You and Kazakhstan are the two sides of one conflict in Central Asia... except that you have to deal with this nasty part of Russian Caucasus and western part of China at the same time. Your country may seem insignificant, but it protects the flanks of three other theocratic states - don't mess this up! Meant for those who really like kicking Communist butts.

Suggested strategy: don't give up on Causasus easily - in fact you have an advantage over unprotected Russia. Don't let Kazakhstan break your defences!

Slot S - India
Time to finish this big bully from the other side of Hymalayas - this is the main goal of slot S. Choose it if you want to try your best against a superpower.

Suggested strategy: Look at the marvelous position of Urumqi (this big tertitory up north). What if it falls in your hands? Vietnam is also prone to your attacks. Just don't stretch your borders too much!

Slot T - Indonesia
It may seem small and secluded but it's one of the strongest theocratic countries. Unfortunately, surrounded by enemies that won't give their lands easily. Pick it if you can expand in multiple directions quickly.

Suggested strategy: if you cooperate with India, Vietnam will fall in a few turns. Wait for a good opportunity to perform a sneak attack on Japan. If played well, Indonesia quickly becomes a serious threat to the US!

Slot U - Mexico
One of the craziest slots and my personal favourite. Almost completely separated from allies, and with bullying USA from the north, which makes it a great challenge. Choose it if you are not afraid of jumping into the fire from the first turn.

Suggested strategy: Secure your southern borders - it's no use trying to attack well-defended Chile. Diplomacy cards, blockade or a non-aggression pact - use everything that will make S. America stay away from you. Now, for the harder part...
Your starting armies are notably stronger than US, but it changes quickly as turns progress. Quickly break through Texas and Florida and start a guerilla war in the open American terrain. Believe me, it's possible to end the game with Mexican offensive ramming through the Siberian wastelands.

Gameplay example (player: Ambasador) https://www.warlight.net/MultiPlayer?GameID=7383021 - USA surrendered after turn 3

Slot V - Turkey
A part of three-sided standoff in southeastern Europe. Attacking either Germany or Russia will automatically help the other. Not to mention this weak yet troublesome Egypt. Suitable for those who know how to maintain status quo between two enemies.

Suggested strategy: Germany can be easily robbed of some territories, without spreading your forces much. Remember that if France falls, your job will get much harder.

Slot W - France
The Islamic Republic of France is quite hard to defend, with two frontlines only a territory away from Paris. Choose it of you don't make mistakes in defense.

Suggested strategy: The armies garrisoned in Surinam and at the Indian Ocean can be used to strenghten your defences (by the cost of losing the colonies of course). Work closely with Turkey and Morocco to weaken Britain and destroy Germany.

Slot X - Morocco
Playing a supportive role for Saudi Arabia and France, Morocco is a vital part of the theocratic forces in the Mediterranian. With USA and Brazil just behind the corner, the relaxing gameplay can quickly turn into an intense experience. Choose it if you know what "cooperation" means.

Suggested strategy: You and Saudi Arabia can pacify Egypt easily, getting an advantage over democratic Congo. Take one enemy at a time and don't forget to support others and defend yourself. Or, if you're feeling lucky, you can try to take USA by surprise...

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Battle of Three Worlds - the complete guide (II): 3/20/2016 15:17:37

[EIC] Cade
Level 45
This is actually really cool ;p
Battle of Three Worlds - the complete guide (II): 3/20/2016 16:12:35

Level 55
Thank you :)
The new game is currently in the multiplayer section. Come and join before it fills up!
Battle of Three Worlds - the complete guide (II): 3/23/2016 13:59:30

Level 35
This sounds great! I will play if it is Multi day longer than 1 day boot.
Could you invite me to your next one?

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Battle of Three Worlds - the complete guide (II): 4/7/2016 14:47:53

Level 55
Another game is up! All players with boot rate less than 30% are kindly welcome!
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