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Battle of Three Worlds - the complete guide (I): 3/20/2016 12:21:44

Level 55
This thread serves as a guide to the custom scenario of my design. Battle of Three Worlds is one of the most complex team games in Warlight and has gathered a lot of devoted players willing to play it over and over.

Link to template: https://www.warlight.net/MultiPlayer?TemplateID=517471


Battle of Three Worlds is a 3 team balanced scenario. Three visions: democracy, communism and theocracy are colliding in the ultimate conflict over the world dominance. Each team has 8 players, with starting positions covering the entire map.

Key features:
- normal fog
- booted players turn into AIs
- regular luck and kill rates
- the initial amount of armies and income is perfectly equal for each world.

This game is meant to be as balanced as possible. However, irregular map and different starting positions can sometimes make it a bit easier or harder for each team.

Team A Democracy
difficulty: easy
advanteges: most democratic countries do not share a vast border with enemies, making it easier to defend in the beginning
disadvanteges: for the same reason, the speed of expansion is fairly low

This team is suitable for medium level players; consists of countries that mostly fight on their own.

Team B Communism
difficulty: medium
advantages: the team of superpowers (Russia, China, Brazil), strong position in Asia, powerful stronghold in South America
disadvantages: shares a long border with Theocracy, very weak in Africa

Meant for players that can take the responsibility of playing as the most powerful countries (bad gameplay of one player can doom the entire team).

In this game Team B performance was close to perfection: https://www.warlight.net/MultiPlayer?GameID=8712991

Team C Theocracy
difficulty: hard
advantages: streches from France to Indonesia in a one long line of states that can have each other's back.
disadvantages: shares a long border with Communism, very hard position in N. America

Meant for the most experienced players that know the value of cooperation. Good communication in the team chat and creating a global strategy is a must. It's worth noting that the quickest victory in the game history (9 turns) has been achieved by Theocracy:

https://www.warlight.net/MultiPlayer?GameID=7383021 - take a look at the situation in Asia :)



Slot A - USA
USA has one of the biggest starting incomes, good defensive position. Choose it if you're not afraid of fighting one on one with a slightly stronger opponent.

Suggested strategy: do not underestimate Mexico! It has far more starting armies than you, but lower income. Play defensively until time turns the tables.

Slot B - Canada
It's the most isolated country in the game with only one hostile territory nearby (Alaska). It also one of the weakest ones in terms of both income and starting armies. Choose it if you don't want to take the leading role (or any significant role whatsoever).

Suggested strategy: playing as a support (airlifting all your armies to teammates) can be tempting, but not as effective as taking an active part in the war. If you run out of territories to attack, ask a teammate for a gift on a frontline.

Slot C - Congo
Located in the centre of the most brutal war arena in the game. Vast frontline, hardly no chokepoints. Choose it if you're not afraid of an all-front bloody slaughter.

Suggested strategy: keep in mind that your communist neighbours are much weaker than you. Finish them as fast as you can, then prepare for the final onslaught with Theocrats. Keep an eye at the Atlantic at the same time, as a new and powerful threat will emerge soon.

Slot D - Japan
Strong and well defended, but also with powerful foes nearby. Choose it if you know how to balance attack and defense at the same time.

Suggested strategy: don't fight on all three fronts at the same time. China is the obvious first target. Your enemies will often try to block you out with diplomacy and blockade cards.

Slot E - Australia
A country that is fairly good at defending and terribly slow during attacking. Choose it if you like progressing territory after territory.

Suggested strategy: Fighting both Indonesia and Chile is nearly impossible. You need to block one and concentrate on the other. Analyze the map carefully before deciding whether to take out a Communist or a Theocrat. Your choice will affect the global balance of power. Choose wisely!

Slot F - South Africa
A really good starting position - easy to expand, easy to defend. In later turns it becomes the most important democratic country on the Southern Hemisphere. Choose it if you don't hesitate to support your less privileged allies.

Suggested strategy: take control of the islands in the southern parts of the two oceans. Be aware that Brazil is a powerful opponent. Provide Congo with troops, as it will have a hard time against Saudi Arabia later.

Slot G - Germany
The hardest starting position among all democrats. Surrounded by strong enemies, that will not hesitate to fight each other though... If you like playing as III Reich in World War II scenarios, this is a slot for you.

Suggested strategy: as hard as it seems, you have a strong army and tight borders - fighting on two fronts is NOT impossible. Let Russia and Turkey be busy with each other. If you know the history of the world wars, you also know what to do with Paris...

Slot H - Great Britain
Two main fronts and an ally in need. Don't forget your tiny colonies in the south! Choose Britain if Airlift Card is your favourite one.

Suggested straegy: by all means don't let Russia break your defences in Scandinavia. Cooperate with Germany in invading France. You must also make a hard choice whether to protect your colonies (which is very hard) or give up on them and provide your territories in Europe with some more troops.


Slot I - Russia
Definitely the most crucial slot in the game. Your gameplay can be either an outstanding succes or a complete failure, with nothing in-between. Choose it if you're a REALLY good player.

Suggested strategy: 7 opponents at the very beginning... fortunately the Russian winter (by which I mean blockade cards) is on your side. Don't be afraid of using 3-5 of them in the very beginning (don't overdo it though). When you're safe enough, pick a front or two and... for the Motherland!

Slot J - China
Huge income, two main enemies and weaker allies asking your assistance. Choose it if you can handle all of this.

Suggested strategy: India or Japan - the choice is up to you. Blocking any of these countries means giving them an opportunity to wreck your teammates. Either way - it's a hard choice. Losing any of your western territories will make you very vulnerable. Vietnam and Kazakhstan are both priceless allies to your cause.

Gameplay example (player: Silver) https://www.warlight.net/MultiPlayer?GameID=8712991 - fighting on both fronts China managed to weaken India (letting Kazakhstan finish the job) and destroy inexperienced Japan

Slot K - Brazil
Great income and no worthy enemies in sight. The question remains, how to make use of this powerful slot. Meant for players that can perform a quick and efficient ofensive.

Suggested strategy: deal with Surinam and Cayenne and prepare to wrest control over the Atlantic. The real game will begin once you enter Africa - try to do it before your African allies are wiped out.

Slot L - Chile
Together with Brazil it makes the most stable and hard to invade part of the map. Choose it if you want to be sure that your country will not get wrecked in the first 5 turns.

Suggested strategy: your income is high enough to fight only one enemy at a time (your situation is quite similar to that of Australia). If you choose to attack Mexico, you may do USA a favor...

Gameplay example (player: link) https://www.warlight.net/MultiPlayer?GameID=8712991 - an impressive performance against Australia and later USA

COMMUNISM part II + THEOCRACY - moved to a new thread: https://www.warlight.net/Forum/142803-battle-three-worlds-complete-guide-ii

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