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game rules : kings,lords and emporers: 3/19/2016 10:07:54

Level 35
OK so this is a new kingdom template,i hope u like it!
standard diplo rules (except for declaring war,more on that later)
each person starts with one capital and he is given the title 'king'
a person can have four stances with another player
1.war,after declaring war they can do whatever they want to kill each other(except gang bang)
2.neutral,u don't have a peace agreement with this country and u r neither at war with him
3.peace,u r at peace with him for X amount of turns (decided by u 2)u cannot attack each other in these turns
4.alliance,u 2 are best buddies!allies cannot attack each other,for that they first have to break alliance,then wait one turn and then declare war.allies HAVE to be involved if their ally is in international dispute.they can either help them in war or help maintain peace
these are conditions of attacking without declaring:
if u attack without declaring the defender can gangbang u but u cant do the same
u can NEVER attack without declaring some1 who was ur ally in the past
THE Titles
1. KING/ Queen: req(one capital)lands title: kingdom
kings are either independent or vessels.independent kings can do whatever they want.vessels have to listen to their lords

2. LORD/LADY:(2-5 kings capitals) state
lord is some1 who has captured a capital(capital is the starting city of every player).

LORD-VESSEL (standard) relationship:
vessels cannot start a war with people outside the state.
lord has to protect its vessels
lord can give any instruction to his vessels
if lord is being attacked vessels have to help him,if they dont their considered rebels and lord can attack them.
vessels can attack their lords in the form of a rebellion,but lords cannot attack them unless attacked first or unless vessels refuse to pay tax
if one vessel becomes a rebel the lord can asks other vessels to attack the rebels,but foreing players cannot directly intervene.
vessels can however start wars with other in the same state
if two vessels are fighting each other than the lord can only create peace, he can't directly intervene
a lord can have a maximum of 2% of the vessels income tax,at the start this is 1%,he can increase, decrease or end it.refusal to pay this results in the permission to lord to kill his vessel

3. HIGH LORD/LADY:(5-9 KINGS CAPITAL or 1-3 lords capital)empire
a high lord is some1 who has taken the lord's capital. the defeated lord becomes his vessel.the high lord and his vessel relation is standard.

4. EMPEROR/EMPRESS:(coalition leader, kings capitals or)
emperor is of two types:
A. COALITION LEADER:(8+kings coalition or 4+ lords coalition or 2+ high lords coalition) coalition of X
a coalition is a agreement by players to form one empire, usually to oppose another bigger empire.anyone can join a coalition.coalition members elect an emperor from among themselves. the emperor has to collect the taxes and use it for the goodwill of the coalition.
B. Emperor of Empire(10+ kings capital or 3+ lords capitals or 1+ high lord capital)Mighty Empire or Empire (with capital 'E')
in an Empire the emperor is the supreme ruler.he controls all those below him. standard vessel relations are done.an Empire can be of two types: Federal or Central. in federal all lords, high lord etc maintain their vessels and collect taxes from them.they can keep some of it for themselves and pay the rest to the high lords who then do the same and pay the rest to the emporer,they can still control their states but have to listen to the Emperor.kings,lords are not allowed to attack anyone outside thier states or high lord's empire(small 'e')unless told to by their lord/highlord. In Central, the Emperor reforms the administration. he can make provinces and appoint governors himself.there are no states,lords,high lords in it.The Emperor can give u any position u want. he can make a new constitution. in central the taxes are collected and given to the Emperor DIRECTLY. the emperor then uses these taxes on anything he likes.anyone can attack anyone inside the empire but the emperor can make new rules like 'no attack without declaring' or 'no wars for X turns' in times when help is needed against foreigners.

some other stuff:
try to RP
try to be loyal to those above u,if ur lord is vesseled u'll move lower down the vessel ladder
try not to attack without declaring too much as it will be bad for ur rep with other players.
try not too tax vessels too much or try distribute taxes among ur vessels or give it to weak vessels to have good relations with them so that they don't rebel
players can also join a state,empire coalition etc if they want to.
this is diplo and is just for fun, don't try to eliminate too many people

rules of rebellion:
there are two types of rebellions:
power rebel: this is when the rebels topple the ruler and make itself the ruler. if their are more than one rebels then they can elect a leader and form a coalition. the losing king becomes the vessel.
the rebels win when they capture the ruler's capital

freedom rebel: this is when a rebel frees himself from the ruler.they can ask for permission and if rejected they can fight.if they win they don't become the ruler but instead obtain freedom.if a vesseled king wants to be free from an empire or Empire he will have to fight all the rulers.if u want to be free from a coalition u can simply leave without fighting but u have to announce ur leaving.a rebel wins freedom when he defends his new chosen capital from the rulers attack for three successive turns. a chosen territory can be any territory that the rebel chooses which he controls.once freed the rebels becomes a king and his kingdom comprises of his remaining territory. he cant ask his ex ruler for more territories but if the ex ruler agrees then thats fine
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