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"Supply-Base": 3/19/2016 02:06:42

Level 58
Hello everybody,
I have an idea and would like to hear your comments about their technical realizability and about your interest for it.
I would like to have a "supply-base" option for a game. This means, one country is the place of this and you are only able to put your income to another country, that has a connection to this base over your own countries. Other countries can not be resupplied.
This will be only possible with one pick (or every pick is also a supply-base). (Gift-card, e.g. would be useless.)
On bigger maps, it would definitly change the gameplay. Now everybody wants to break through and if successful one time, most of the games are already decided. Now it would also a good idea to break through, but with more options for both, the attacker and the defender.
Also there now would be another strategical option, to try to cut the opponents supply-lines.
Also the "supply-bases" could be made movable, like the commander. Also, when they are getting destroyed, that would be ... bad. And a lot of other possibilities and thoughts.
What do you think?!? Please comment.
Best wishes, Naglfar
"Supply-Base": 3/19/2016 02:17:39

Level 56
So you can only deploy in territories that connect to, or are the "supply-base" territory? Sounds interesting, sort of like a version two of Local Deployments, but I'm not sure how it will be taken by the wider community, let alone make it onto Fizzer's things to do, but it's certainly an interesting idea.
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