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WR Expansion: 3/5/2016 17:35:27

Cat Jubbernaught
Level 37
What's the most efficient way of attacking neutrals in WR? Hitting with 3's is risky. Hitting with 4's is wasteful; so a mix of both?
WR Expansion: 3/5/2016 17:37:59

Level 60
1, 2 punch
WR Expansion: 3/5/2016 19:47:36

MightySpeck (a Koala) 
Level 58
Basically if it doesn't' matter if you need to take the territory that turn attack wi three but if you do use 4.

However it is up to you.
WR Expansion: 3/6/2016 00:30:23

Melisandre (the Red Woman)
Level 5
If your one turn away from getting a large bonus, use 4. If getting that territory isnt as important, use 3.
WR Expansion: 3/6/2016 00:33:48

Scorched Earth 
Level 49
If it's your only attack of the turn, and the game has cards, attack with 4, always. Card pieces matter.

Edited 3/6/2016 00:34:08
Posts 1 - 5 of 5