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Autogame Autoboot: 3/3/2016 07:54:53

Level 50

Was shocked to see him get booted at 5 minutes, so checked and lo and behold autogames now have built in 5 minute autoboot, quite sure this wasn't the case even a few days ago, was this announced when changed?
Autogame Autoboot: 3/3/2016 07:59:10

Level 59
was this announced when changed?

Not that I recall. Thought it was weird, but it's not a huge change to the game at the end of the day. Sure, maybe I'll play now 3 autogames at the time instead of 4, but still not a big thing. Still, Fizzer should have announced it...
Autogame Autoboot: 3/3/2016 09:10:38

Level 58

Warzone Creator
It was indeed changed. It was actually already supposed to be there, but due to a bug it set the auto boot to 3 days. This made no sense, since a 3 day boot time on a real-time game essentially did nothing. When the bug was fixed, it corrected the auto boot to 5 minutes. Sorry for not properly announcing it.
Autogame Autoboot: 3/3/2016 09:15:29

Mister Aqua
Level 56
Its terrible but I can see why its implemented. Its the same reason the ladders have an auto. However there are some problems. When warlight made massive changes Warlight was down for a few hours. At that time I was in a RT auto game. Interestingly enough my opponent was civil and we treated the game as if it we a multiday despite either one of us being able to be boot the other.

Frizzer, how will you ensure something like this doesn't happen with regards to lag on warlight causing a boot?
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