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Star Wars Mpa- test for dual bonus mode.: 3/1/2016 16:02:05

[FCC] Zack105
Level 49
You may have heard of this idea:

I decided to test it out first on a small map, and if it worked, apply it on my Hundred Years War map.

Anyhow, this is the map:

I wasn't kidding when I said I started small! xD

So, as you can see, there're 2 sets of bonuses- Duel, and Lotto. By default, the lotto bonuses are set to zero, but I'll have a template in the description with the Duel bonuses set to zero, and the lotto bonuses to their respective values. We'll see how it goes!
Star Wars Mpa- test for dual bonus mode.: 3/1/2016 16:10:12

Level 60
I don't understand the point on that map. I thought you'd put different territories in different bonuses in your original idea, and only turn on the ones that are relevant to that template.

So like maybe now you'd have Germany as a single bonus, but in say 1950 you'd have East Germany and West Germany bonuses. Maybe prefix them based on era like this:


Or something like that. Then if you wanted to play a certain Era of Europe, you turn on those bonuses with that prefix. It doesn't have to be an era. Could be a style like you have (lotto).

Edited 3/1/2016 16:11:19
Star Wars Mpa- test for dual bonus mode.: 3/1/2016 16:12:26

[FCC] Zack105
Level 49
That's exactly the idea.
This is just a quicker way of testing if it works- if I know that these bonuses work, the situation which you described is possible.

It was just a matter of me being lazy and not wanting to make lots of territories :)
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