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Semi-Hiatus: 2/20/2016 19:04:20

[FCC] Aura Guardian 
Level 61
Hey Guys...

I just got back my last physics exam... and it was not good, at all. Given that I was trying to balance between this and my other courses, the fact of the matter is quite simple. It is clear that I am going to have to cut time out of warlight... and a lot... If I want to get through this course alive, with a grade good enough to keep my scholarships. So, I will now be forced to go on semi-hiatus from this game, and it will most likely be not until summer that I will be back to this level of activity. If you are on the 2v2 and 3v3 ladders with me, do not worry- I will keep up just fine. But other things, like the development of my own clan, the manager league, the 1v1 ladder, the RT ladder, and map-making, will all have to be cut out significantly, if not completely, in order for me to pass this course. I am sorry to who this may concern or who this may affect, but, clearly, life is first before anything else.

I will likely try to be on once every two days to maintain my activity. But otherwise, you wont see as much of me from here on out until I get out of my classes in May, and somewhat durning spring break.

-Aura Guardian
Semi-Hiatus: 2/20/2016 19:14:25

Luna {TJC}
Level 56

See you in a while good luck in your courses
Semi-Hiatus: 2/20/2016 19:17:33

Level 59
good luck
Semi-Hiatus: 2/20/2016 19:27:41

Level 43
Semi-Hiatus: 2/20/2016 20:45:53

Level 59
I 100% understand this as I am in a similar situation, and trying to get down to 0 multiday games (almost there!) Studying and work have to come first; warlight is pretty low in terms of priorities. Glad to hear you'll be more active during the summer again, as I should be getting more active at that time as well.
Semi-Hiatus: 2/20/2016 20:56:08

Level 57
Have similar problems. The great option would be to allow players to set a max number of hours/minutes they can spent daily in WL. Once set, such value could not be changed for some time (for instance for one week or month). That way if sb set his maxtime for 20 min daily, it would prevent him from wasting times just roaming through WL forums or sth alike...
Semi-Hiatus: 2/20/2016 21:42:08

Level 55
Yeah, a choice like that would be great. Warlight should be low on priorities, but fun keeps putting it higher and higher.
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