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Tournament Idea: 2/15/2016 15:48:04

[AOE]Orthrus Echo Five
Level 51
I want to make a tournament where each group plays on a map of a single state, and then whoever wins that state gets to play as it in a finale, which would take place on the US Counties map (the large one with 3.1K territories). Not all states have maps, but I'm sure they could be created for our sake. I want to hear your ideas.
Tournament Idea: 2/15/2016 15:50:53

Level 57
Sounds like a cool idea, but your probably going to have to do a personal host.
Tournament Idea: 2/15/2016 16:04:09

Level 59
That's quite do-able, I can help if you like?

Someone was talking to me about a similar idea but involving everyone playing on a map of each country and then the winners starting in those countries on a world map.

This idea sounds a little different though, it's more like you have say 4 players in each state, the winner of that state then goes into the final starting with that state. That's actually less complicated.

There's a couple of issues though: Who gets to play on say, the Texas map? Is it random, or can players choose which state to go for?

Also is this Diplo-style or FFA style?
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