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FC Vs VS Clan Challenge!: 2/13/2016 23:23:31

Level 63
FC has challenged VS to a friendly clan battle!
The challenge is slightly different from the typical clan league and such, so posting it to allow our clans to both follow along as well as anyone else who is interested in following along or perhaps even using this for a challenge of their own.
It consists of 3 separate rounds, 1 v 1, 2 v 2, and 3 v 3.
1 v 1 win=1 point, minimum of 9 games, max of 18
2 v 2 win=2 points, minimum of 4 games, max of 8
3 v 3 win= 3 points, minimum of 3 games, max of 6

Whichever clan has more points at the end, obviously wins :)
It will consist of an adjusted ladder based system.
All participating players for 1 v 1, have been arranged in a number order, and player 1 will play against player 1 of the other clan. Loser is eliminated, and the winner will take on player 2 of the other clan. When someone is eliminated, the next person in order will be up and a new game will start. No limit to how many games you play, if you win them all, then so be it :)
Same thing goes for 2 v 2 and 3 v 3
Here are the templates:
1 v 1 : Yin'angzhou
2 v 2: Gelvien Islands
3 v 3: RoR 5X7 0% luck SR

Any boots at picking stage will result in remake of game.
Good luck to all and may the best clan win!
FC Vs VS Clan Challenge!: 2/14/2016 08:22:22

Level 58
Big thx to the VS clan for accept this challenge, will be fun !

Now let's fight ! :)
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