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Tournament with a premium as a reward: 4/15/2011 11:47:41

w. (The almighty)
Level 58
Randy - Is it possible to create an auto tournament (maybe ones a week or a month) with a Premium account as a 1st place award? I could be $1 to join or totally free. I'm really a big fan of warlight, but mainly cuz I'm a student, spending $30 suddenly is a big effort for me.

This kind of tournament would be a decent challenge for everybody here without premium:)

W8ing for any reaction for U, hopefully the possitive one.
Tournament with a premium as a reward: 4/15/2011 14:15:58

Level 36
There has been two tournaments thus far:



These are member ran and you would have had to check the forums for the signups as it's the easiest way to get the message across (besides a pop-up from Fizzer).

I think creating one every week/month is not good idea because someone who is looking to get a membership is probably looking to join each tournament and should that person win, they would mess up all the other tournaments they are in (i.e. they'll have to surrender).

More tournaments are soon to come but just make sure you watch the forums for a sign up spot.
Tournament with a premium as a reward: 4/15/2011 14:16:38

Level 36
woops, forgot to preview...

here are the links


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