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what happened to doushibag?: 4/15/2011 06:13:57

FBG - Gaspumper 
Level 15
He was undefeated at the top of the 1v1 ladder, and now he's gone. What's up with that?
what happened to doushibag?: 4/15/2011 07:18:04

Level 58

Warzone Creator
He left the ladder before taking his 4th loss to NuckLuck, but has not publicly revealed why.
what happened to doushibag?: 4/15/2011 07:29:44

Level 10
I heard it was his way of protesting against rainforests destruction.
what happened to doushibag?: 4/15/2011 11:25:02

Level 13
I think Doushibag left to piss The Impaller off. The Impaller wanted a shot at first, going so far as to bitterly decry the injustice of the current ladder logarithm. He was enraged that no matter how he tried, he was barred from first by Doushis’ rather devious ploys. I'm sure The Impaller wanted to take first by defeating Doushibag on the field of combat; he now is robbed of that opportunity, thus cheapening his standing on the ladder. I don't think The Impaller needs to feel this way, but I suspect he might, and I further suspect that Doushi's retreat is part of his nefarious plan poke the proverbial bear. Oh, the intrigue of the Warlight family. Where shall it end.
what happened to doushibag?: 4/15/2011 13:55:58

The Impaller 
Level 9
I don't think that was Doushi's reasoning behind it. Doushi actually lost to NuckLuck, which dropped him to 2nd place on the ladder before he left the ladder if I'm not mistaken. I seem to recall seeing that he was 10-12 points lower than me for a short period of time until he disappeared. If I had to take a guess, I'd say he got tired of the ladder, but wanted to wait until he was no longer first place before he quit playing it.

I had no ill will toward Doushi, and I've never felt like he had any toward me, so I don't think he was trying to spite me. I think the two of us actually agreed that the current ladder system was seriously flawed. While his method of achieving the highest rank ever certainly ruffled some feathers, it also proved a good point that changes need to be made in the system.

As for my bitter decrying of the current ladder logarithm, I still strongly feel that the system is wrong. I don't want people to get the impression that I had sour grapes or that I was simply mad that I wasn't in first place and that is what fueled my long diatribes. There were serious flaws with the system, and my current rank hasn't changed anything in how I view this. I've just quit posting on the matter, because like 2 people were responding to my posts and I could see that it wasn't worth my time. I didn't want to keep spamming the forums with the issues I saw if they were being tl;dr'd or not read.

With that being said, BP and I had a long discussion about some things and plan on writing up a list of some possible ideas and solutions. I'd still like to work on improvements, so if anyone wants to chat about it or has any ideas they want to throw out, invite me to a game and I'd be more than happy to discuss them.
what happened to doushibag?: 4/20/2011 20:10:12

Level 5
He was ducking me. I'm the only top player he managed to avoid in his run at #1.

Apart from his prank game where I thrashed him.
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