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Lottery game suggestion: 10/7/2013 18:23:55

{rp} Kvich 
Level 52
First off, the numbers posted here is just examples.

My inspiration for this suggestion, is the massive amount of lottery games popping up, and filling up the open games, making it harder to find a competitive game.

To start, I suggest adding 2 new taps when at the open game screen, "Lottery same day" and "lottery multi day" or merge those two into one tap, stating "lottery" games.
Give map creators a checkbox they can check, if the game is a lottery game, and lottery games popping up in the normal game taps, should be reportable, giving the map creator a warning, and if done several times, a punishment.
Next all lottery games should give 50% less points, duo to the massive amount of players involved, and the minimal amount of skills and time.
To discourage from trying to make lottery games without checking the box, all normal games finishing in 5 turns or less, should give like 20% of the points one normally would have earned, and normal points thereafter.
Lottery game suggestion: 10/7/2013 18:28:03

Level 53
My worry about this is it will be easy to abuse also who will determine what game is lottery and on what basis.Different views on what is a lottery game exist and i feel people trying new settings might be discouraged.


Lottery game suggestion: 10/7/2013 19:44:26

[REGL] Pooh 
Level 60
Better Solution:

New rule: No Points Games can be based solely on luck.

Set up a moderating board that will determine exact rules. They would be able to find abuses by: scanning high point earners, games created on typical lottery maps, reporting by other players, etc.

Points won in these games are vacated if agreed upon by set standards. Exact rules would have to be made, but there are obvious games that should be prohibited from awarding points.

Game Creators are given a warning, and if they recreate "lottery" games in a non-practice environment they will suffer stiffer (that's what she said) penalty to include loss of levels and affects on multiplier (similar to ad-block).

Reason? Very simply, why should anyone get points and advance levels simply by farming and luck.

If there is no incentive to make these games, they won't be made.

Now, if Fizzer condones people shortcutting their way to membership features, then.... well, That's Fizzer's choice as the owner.

However, I think that these games serve no other purpose but to award points as there is no tactical skill required.
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