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A troll hold a game: 10/6/2013 21:28:02

Level 51
Hi, we have a probleme in a game.

We did a zombie game, and Russia betrayed everyone and invade all the map. He kill every teammates. He let a zombie player live in a small country and wont end this game.

This game still alive from August.

The player said he don't care, "he play on another account, he do it for troll"

Maybe an Admin can do something about that ?

Thx u a lot.

Name of game : "World War Z challenge"

Name of player : "genius"

Some screen here : http://www.noelshack.com/2013-40-1381094818-sans-titre.png and http://www.noelshack.com/2013-40-1381094821-yeye.png

Thx for read
Thx for Help
A troll hold a game: 10/6/2013 21:32:31

Level 50
No link?
A troll hold a game: 10/6/2013 21:34:28

[REGL] Pooh 
Level 60
Game Link's actually would help anyone that could do anything about it.

Plus, they may give the rest of the community some insight as to what you could do with the settings.

But, I doubt anything would be done by anyone of admin authority based on what you've said.

Based on what I can see, its been 79 days since he hasn't taken a turn. Generally, at about 100, it ends the game. But if you feed the troll, he'll probably take a turn at day 99 so you have another 3.5 months of agony at looking at a game that you are eliminated in.

To change that, change your game filters to:
Active Games that I am not eliminated
Most Recent Game First

Edited 10/6/2013 21:34:57
A troll hold a game: 10/7/2013 02:26:04

Level 51
Hi, thx for answer everyone.

http://warlight.net/MultiPlayer?GameID=4586651 this link is good for you guys ?

Thx to take care about this.
A troll hold a game: 10/7/2013 14:31:25

[REGL] Pooh 
Level 60
Well, genius is already on my blacklist, so you're probably dealing with a "special" person.

There's no boot time, so, at 100 days, he'll get notice that the game is going to end, and if he doesn't act, the game will be deleted (Vote to end? I'm not sure).

His profile only shows inactive for 2+days, so he's relatively active, and if he's a true troll, he'll take his turn on day 99.

Just ignore it.
A troll hold a game: 10/8/2013 21:33:01

[REGL] Firehawk 
Level 49
Wow that would drive me crazy. And since everyone else has been eliminated or booted nobody can boot him either.

I set my games menu to where it only shows "active games where I am not eliminated," just so I don't have to worry about things like that. That way you don't have to stare at a never-ending game where you can't do anything about it. Then after awhile you'll completely forget about it, then one day receive that random e-mail that the game ended and you'll be like "oh hey I remember that" and it'll be over.

Don't feed the trolls!
A troll hold a game: 10/9/2013 10:34:04

Level 60
1. in zombie games players are allowed to fight each other, its his choice
2. next time just add an auto-boot
3. i was also considering blacklisting, but i never played with you rolland, so i guess it doesnt make a difference
A troll hold a game: 10/21/2013 23:46:25

Level 18
1. If you make that choice to not play by the rules you are therefore an asshole and no one will want to play with you and you will be hated by everyone. If they don't respect rules they might as well not play Multi Player in the first place because they have no meaning in online if that's all they're gonna do.
A troll hold a game: 10/22/2013 11:10:16

Level 60
zombie games arent diplomacy games
A troll hold a game: 10/23/2013 20:17:42

Level 12
Team games means no attacking teamates without their permission. I never said Diplomacy. I was also involved in this game as well I was completely aware of what was going on. by no means necessary you should never attack a teammate.

Edited 10/23/2013 20:24:42
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