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Autoboots: 4/9/2011 16:15:56

Level 10
What are some opinions?

I certainly like the feature but my concerns are how they reflect on boot percentage.

For instance I play a lot of 5 min games and alike, and when it gets to autoboots that's fine but it shouldn't count the same as say, games where the autboot is twice as long.

My two cents.
Autoboots: 4/10/2011 05:14:57

Level 3
This is probably a topic (and response) for UserVoice but maybe the three different boot types could be displayed separately. And maybe displayed again to cover both game speed types.

It sure would be a more accurate representation of your ability to make your move on time but I think it would probably clutter up your stat page. Maybe a hide/show option?

That's my 2 cents. So that's 4 cents total. Maybe we can earn enough to bribe Randy into implementing stuff for us :)
Posts 1 - 2 of 2