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ForumIdea-modsAllowedToChooseWhichImagesAreAllowed: 2/6/2016 00:27:06

Level 62
I think that moderators should be allowed to decide which images are 'suitable' for the forum. Moderators should also be able to remove 'unsuitable' images from the forum as well.

This may be inconvenient, but it's a more effective way of dealing with adult content images.
ForumIdea-modsAllowedToChooseWhichImagesAreAllowed: 2/6/2016 00:31:55

[FCC] Aura Guardian 
Level 61
Question: Do moderators have to be members?

If not, then moderators should be allowed to post images just like members can- as moderators clearly have proven themselves to have enough trust in order to be in that position in the first place.

Unless, of course, moderators have that ability already anyway.
ForumIdea-modsAllowedToChooseWhichImagesAreAllowed: 2/6/2016 00:35:15

Level 59
The most efficient way is to not allow anyone to post images.
ForumIdea-modsAllowedToChooseWhichImagesAreAllowed: 2/6/2016 00:36:50

Level 62
^ assuming you want to see images.
ForumIdea-modsAllowedToChooseWhichImagesAreAllowed: 2/6/2016 00:39:33

Level 60
My suggestion is to allow mods to move posts. Right now all I can move is a thread. If a post could be moved to another forum, then we could have a hidden board for admins to check and edit/remove the content and/or move it back.

It would be a holding place to get bad content out of public view without allowing mods to actually edit posts (which requires a lot more checks and balances).

Images isn't the only issue. In this case it is, but people can violate TOS without posting images. Suppose someone posted names and addresses of players on here, or something else that is not appropriate. How do you solve that (only allow members to post at all)? What if a member posted it?

There has to be some sort of mechanism to deal with the content other than 1 guy being responsible. It can be a baby step, it does not have to be a huge overhaul.

Edited 2/6/2016 00:41:24
ForumIdea-modsAllowedToChooseWhichImagesAreAllowed: 2/6/2016 01:01:14

Level 56
one way would be to let the forumers report offensive/innapropriate posts, and once it reaches a set number or reports, a mod gets a notification for review/edit. The moving to a hidden forum for edit would be time consuming and wouldn't work well i think, Mods should be able to edit post on the spot. I don't think that erotic content should be banned if it is not used for trolling. The big problem in the forums is trolling. I'd be much harsher on a guy that makes 50 stupid threads about "should _____ be legal" or the like, wich makes the forums a worse experience for everyone, rather than someone who posts 1 sexy picture, wich arguably makes our forum experience much better :). Sometimes it is not the content that is a problem, it is the endless spamming of bullshit. Make it ONE thread of "should stuff be legal", they can argue on this one thread, delete the rest.

Edited 2/6/2016 01:02:24
ForumIdea-modsAllowedToChooseWhichImagesAreAllowed: 2/6/2016 01:11:52

Level 51
Or just remove the OT forums. Suddenly most of the trolls disappear or learn how to play the actual game.
ForumIdea-modsAllowedToChooseWhichImagesAreAllowed: 2/6/2016 01:13:02

Level 57

Seen your idea proposed before and probably by you as well! I agree! But this is not clearly an issue or at least priority one. The problem lies not in "Bad Content" but in "Nonsense Content" General Thread just full of it. I can hardly see any moderation work there at all?
At moment Mods have enough power to move Threads - can´t see them doing their job up to position trusted to them? There are just few Trolls among enormous list of every-day Teenage Spammers who post without having anything to say, add or contradict. And this Spam-posters are constantly the same group of players. Its even hard to find thread where they have not posted and wasted Warlight space and someones time to find relevant content.

Those Spammers and Teenagers are giving audience to "Bad Content". Remove the source, problem solved. Rather than dealing with outcome, deal directly to cause, obvious! I would prefer forums to be 18+, but Warlight probably can´t use decent verification. And warlight has already proven the immaturity beyond ones age here!
ForumIdea-modsAllowedToChooseWhichImagesAreAllowed: 2/6/2016 03:21:15

King C******* V 
Level 58
y'all ask and y'all received.
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