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Problem with warlight game loading: 2/4/2016 18:09:59

Level 48
Hi. I have just been recently experiencing problems with my warlight games which I get an error message. Something has been messed up. And now I can't take my turns. Has anyone else been having this problem?

Here's the error log:
SendRawMessage::Error Error (0): TypeError: $.cookie is not a function
at shared\HttpRequest.as:TryStartRequest()
at shared\HttpRequest.as:HttpRequest()
at shared\Messaging.as:SendRawMessage()
at warlight\shared\MessagePump.as:SendMessage()
at warlight\shared\messages\Message.as:GetLatestGameInfoAuthenticatedAsync()
at warlight\shared\viewmodels\spe\SPEMessage.as:GetLatestGameInfoAuthenticated()
at warlight\shared\viewmodels\live\LiveVM.as:MapLoaded()
at live\LiveRoot_.as:MapLoaded()
at warlight\shared\viewmodels\maprender\MapRenderVM.as:EndGetVision()
at warlight\shared\viewmodels\main\VisionCacheManager.as:EndDownloadFullMap()
at vmutils\Http.as:()
at shared\HttpRequest.as:completeHandler()
Problem with warlight game loading: 2/4/2016 18:16:45

MightySpeck (a Koala) 
Level 58
I haven't best thing to do is send a bug report to Fizzer.


For now try using a different Browser or the mobile app.
Problem with warlight game loading: 2/4/2016 19:01:16

Filthy Weeaboo Scum
Level 59
Try refreshing your cache.
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