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Rodina- Alternate Pangaea: 2/2/2016 00:43:04

[FCC] Zack105
Level 49
Some of you may recall the 'Pangea Map' thread a while back....

I finally decided to take some time off from my Europe map and work on the Pangaea map...


In this map, I fiddled around with artistic elements for the first time...
In order of importance/effort needed(from least to greatest):
1) Islands
2) Water gradient(Seen better close up- the water is whiter in the shallower areas)
3) Text(Only the 'Rodina' and 'By Zack105'- the others are just plain text)
4) The dragon.

I also will use this as a testing ground for my suggested Dual Bonus Mode- we'll see how it turns out.

One last thing- Who's up for a test game!

Tell me what you think!

Edited 2/2/2016 01:06:46
Rodina- Alternate Pangaea: 2/2/2016 00:49:43

Level 59
Looks awesome, can't wait to test it!

I think it will be great for Diplos :)
Rodina- Alternate Pangaea: 2/2/2016 12:14:32

[FCC] Zack105
Level 49
Rodina- Alternate Pangaea: 2/2/2016 17:20:16

Level 56
divide all bonus values by two; they just seem clunky. Otherwise, great map!
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