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New Game Mode: 1/28/2016 23:38:16

[FCC] Zack105
Level 49

I'd just like to make an update on this thread. Nothings on here, I know, but in our clan, we've discussed it in depth.

So basically, we pick a random country, say the Netherlands. We would have factions

Slot A: Netherlands government. Begin in Amsterdam, Noord-Holland (slightly North of the centre)
Slot B: Political corruption (aka dirty cops and sleazy governors). Begin in Haringvliet, Zuid-Holland directly south of slot A)
Slot C: Communist uprising. Begin in Oldambt, Groningen (North East border)
Slot D: Riots. Begin in several small clusters along the mid east.
Slot E: Spanish empire. Begin in Aruba, Caribic Islands
Slot F: Disease (controlled by AI). Begin in Zuid Limburg, Limburg

Each faction/slot would be a team.

Basically, we would make this a campaign of games- we'd travel through a continent, playing games on most or every country in that continent. Then, at the end, we'd have a final battle. (Since I've already started with the Netherlands as an example, let's keep going with that). The final battle would take place in Europe(or whichever continent you just fought through).

Say that team A won the England and Spain scenarios, and team B won the Ukrainian scenario. On the final Europe map, team A would start with England and Spain, and team B would start with Ukraine.

We could take this idea a step further- each team is a clan. To make it fair, an equal amount of players would play on each team. We would have to make sure the clans rotate players, though- we can't have a new player face off against a level 50+.

This way, if a player on a team goes inactive, another can replace him in the next game, as to not handicap the team. It'd be a fun, equal way to clash as clans.

This has been an idea discussed for a while, but no one could ever get it right... With the two of these combined, it'b be great! It'd also help with publicity- everyone wants to be part of the clan wars!

Tell us what you think! To get involved, PM me- but only if you're willing to actively plan, make factions and scenarios, and create templates.
New Game Mode: 1/29/2016 02:28:53

Level 38
Yeah! I am in love with all of this. Glad we could perfect it into a perfect image.
New Game Mode: 1/29/2016 18:13:47

MightySpeck (a Koala) 
Level 58
The idea is cool, and i've seen it before.(it just never started) ((really though, not exactly like this, but in the sense that something in one game will affect something in another game.))

The clan thing is ehh, as a the elite clans wouldn't want to participate (as they only care about Clan League for inter clan events) but you never know. you might be able to get enough clans.
New Game Mode: 1/29/2016 18:17:07

[NL] Sander
Level 59
This sounds great, I hope someone will be able to realise it.
New Game Mode: 1/29/2016 18:19:54

[FCC] Zack105
Level 49
We have all we need- we just need 4 clans to sign up for a test run
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