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Vacations - limitations?: 1/26/2016 15:39:12

Level 60
I'd like to see the length of vacations controlled in some way. Right now I am in a game that has been delayed 24 days from vacations from a single player. That seems excessive to me. I know people get busy, but they should be able to take a turn in the 6 games they are in before setting another vacation immediately.

This person could have 7 vacations (very likely since it is January). That means they delay a game by 70 days (seven 10 day vacations). Do we really want games delayed for %20 of a calendar year in a row by players?

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Vacations - limitations?: 1/26/2016 15:51:24

Level 59
Basically i don't have a problem with long vacations.

Even in tournaments. So what. I can have another game. Tourney will eventually continue (with current filters i even don't know in which tourneys i am not eliminated :).

Only place when this can be problem are reccuring events like Clan league, when he/she will delay whole league and start of new one.

Ofc. When i know i am winning and want to go for another move... Than yes. It can be frustrating :)
Vacations - limitations?: 1/26/2016 17:33:55

Level 60
That is where it is occurring, in clan league. You could easily have another player in the next matchup delay months.

Perhaps if we could have an optional feature (highlighted) that did not allow back to back vacations (would require a turn between them)?
Vacations - limitations?: 1/27/2016 05:29:26

Level 57
For tournaments I always presume:
  • - Auto boot, so Teams both would not fix the Tourney into passive status!
  • - No Vacations, to keep the phase!
- I am not going with the "Read-settings before join" truvism! I like the idea of Vacations, and I even would like to have them in my games, but I feel that 10 days and one can take multiple in row, would just ruin it if happened - especially regarding matches with 20+ players. On other hand I do not think the 1-turn requirement between Vacations would solve the issue? 70 days = 6 turns passed? Not much of progress to end most of games.

I never understood why vacations are countable, but not total days per year!

=> If it would be counted Total of Days, then Host could determine what is the max number one particular game can be held "Passive" via vacation. Like total of 20-days!, then no vacations allowed furthermore!

=> Although When playing with friends, trusted players, auto-boot and booting and being on clock loses its meaning totally!

Edited 1/27/2016 05:29:48
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