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New Tournament - 2SL: 1/25/2016 19:48:03

Level 57
2SL stands for Team Strategy League.
I noticed that there is no league system for teams between different clans, so I've come up with this.

Each team has 2 players (hence the shortened version having 2 instead of T), and they play everyone in their league on a predetermined template (I'm currently choosing the 1st season's).

I think 5-7 teams per group is sensible. Anyone interested?

So far from CORP I have:

Baer + Noobster11
muddleszoom +
Bayern Munchen is the Best! +
Prabster Realm + (requested Chancho)
New Luna Republic + (technically TJC, but applied with their alt, requesting a CORP teammate)
Me (and anyone really, I'm not great at strategy so don't expect much)

Based on the reaction from my clan I think we should have 3 groups of 6 in the first season - 36 players divided into 18 teams.

Due to the nature of teams, I expect there will be breakups, so at the end of each season, players can swap partners (must be consented by all players on both teams) with another team from adjacent groups for no penalty (the new teams will start from the group closest to the two old teams on average rounded down).
If not all parties consent, a new partnership of existing players begin from the bottom group that did exist in the previous season.
New Tournament - 2SL: 1/25/2016 20:28:25

MightySpeck (a Koala) 
Level 58
you should ask clan leaders, instead of asking the forums.
New Tournament - 2SL: 1/26/2016 17:16:04

Level 57
Problem with that is clan leaders rarely reply to mail, I applied to 3 members of CORP before I made contact with an active leader.
New Tournament - 2SL: 1/26/2016 17:34:08

Luna {TJC}
Level 56
3 members of CORP as in three of the GC council? Also some clan leaders will reply for sure. It's just a question of asking 10 or more.

Edited 1/26/2016 17:34:41
New Tournament - 2SL: 1/26/2016 21:32:41

[FCC] Aura Guardian 
Level 61
I am a clan leader who always replies to his mail...
New Tournament - 2SL: 1/27/2016 19:45:54

Level 57
Any non-clan member interested?
New Tournament - 2SL: 2/14/2016 16:48:10

Ω Cat Juggernaut 
Level 59
Perhaps attempt PMing more than just CORP before making a blanket statement about all clan leaders?
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