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blockade card: 4/2/2011 20:02:20

Emperor B
Level 30
Seems odd that you can't use the blockade card on territories you don't own at the beginning of the turn. I want to attack a territory and then blockade that same turn.

anyone else think this should be offered with this card?
blockade card: 4/2/2011 21:01:51

Level 42
Ya I think so makes sense
blockade card: 4/2/2011 21:15:56

Level 10
Exactly, otherwise then blockade card is just a cheap version of the abandon.
blockade card: 4/2/2011 22:05:50

Matma Rex 
Level 12

I even thought it works that way, until I tried recently and it turned out I can't do this.

My team lost that game :(
blockade card: 4/3/2011 13:27:04

Level 13
No that would be far too powerful! Impossible to stop when you plonk down whatever reinforcements right next to their largest supply and boom its gone all in one turn.

There needs to be some time for them to react if your trying to push into their territory to play a blockade!
blockade card: 4/3/2011 15:01:05

Level 3
I did initially expect it to work that way, but I think it's probably more balanced the way it is now. I like it.
blockade card: 4/4/2011 04:47:59

Level 36
Thats like a more powerful abandon card. The blockade is supposed to desensitize the action.
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